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Vending Machines Kill 4 Times As Many People A Year Than Sharks

Vending Machines Kill 4 Times As Many People A Year Than Sharks

It’s true!

I am a huge fan of random, crazy facts.

For instance, did you know the average human has more than five pounds of bacteria in their body? Or that seahorses are monogamous life mates?

These kinds of facts are not only fun but can be incredibly helpful in advertising. People are being drawn to the weird and unusual every day. It’s what interests us.

You clicked on this post didn’t you?

No one said that marketing needed to be boring. In fact, most of the ads that run these days actually cater a great deal to what’s fun, new and exciting. Don’t believe me? Watch the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks and see.

The key to good copywriting is making headlines that grab the attention of the reader. Experts in the field say that if you can grab them with a punchy headline, then 85% of the work is done. Or to put it another way, if your headlines suck, then you are wasting a lot of your marketing dollars.


I’ll keep this post short. Just wanted to say…


Ten Words That Might Just Make You Rich

Money is a means, not an end. I can’t drive it to work. When I’m hungry I don’t reach in my wallet for a delicious five dollar bill. When I go on vacation, my destination isn’t the bank. Money mediates between us and a lot of what we want. So it’s foolish to not care enough about it and it’s even more foolish to care too much.

But for those that do care and want to make as much as they can, one rule holds true — it won’t fall into your lap. You have to know a secret that most everyone who has made a significant amount already knows. Now as for myself, I’m putting this simple rule into practice at the ripe old age of forty and I’m gonna see what happens. Maybe you should too!

What is the secret? What’s the ten words? They are these…

Find out what people want and help them get it. 

That’s it. Simply huh? People refuse to live without their conveniences and services. If you don’t offer it to them then someone else will. They are gonna buy. My particular job as a copywriter is to help them buy from you. These ten words might make you rich, IF you apply them soon and often.

You may know what you are selling, but do you really know what “they” want? For example, let’s say you are selling deodorant. Everyone needs it right? No one wants to smell like a gym locker. Problem is there are only a ton of deos on the market. So what’s sets you apart? Now before you start telling me sizes, shapes and colors, ask yourself…

Who are you talking to?
What sets you apart from you competitor?
Why should anyone shuck out four dollars of their hard-earned money for your own brand of stink protection?
— In short, what do they really want?

Answering questions like these is crucial for any company or service provider. I used to shy away from anything that even remotely sounded “pitchy”. Didn’t wanna come off too carnal. But this isn’t just a sales technique, it is basic human psychology and common sense if you plan on doing well at what you do.

Let’s try another example. Say you run a church. Now if you live where I do, they are on every corner and quite massive. It’s not a competition, but you do want people to visit and see what you have to offer, right? No shame in that. So how do you stand out? What sets you apart? You might say you preach the Bible. Okay, hmmm, is that all? You might say you teach it exegetically and word for word. Okay, better, but I don’t know any churches that say they teach it “word for every other word”. Who are you targeting? What speaks to their heart? Their lives? Their kids? Get my drift?

It’s not hard, but it is crucial. A brief scan at most marketing material and you will see lots of features mentioned and no benefits. Maybe you don’t know what to say? Well that’s what I’m here for. Love to help and even if you don’t get rich, at least you will be heard and that is priceless.