Need some reasons to hire someone to do your content this year? Well here are five.

1. We save you time.

It’s been bugging you that you don’t have a larger social media presence. You know the importance of marketing to grow your business. Problem is, you have way too much going on to worry about something else. With a ton on your plate, you could add that ongoing task to your ever-pressing list of demands, but why? Hiring someone to write good copy for you eliminates the extra work, saves time and helps you focus on what only you can do.

2. We offer a specific skill set.

Copywriters are not just writers. We have the expertise and training to write compelling content that moves people to action. Large companies pay copywriters thousands of dollars to write sales letters and direct mail pieces. The reason they do this is they know it will get them more response and more profit when done by a professional.

3. We offer a unique point of view.

You know your products and services well, but someone from the outside can see what you might not see. We study and research the needs and desires of the general public as well as your target customer. What do they want? It’s not what you can do, but what you can do for them that matters and this is what makes the sell. When promotions are too close to the product or made from the viewpoint of the seller rather than the buyer, they are seldom as effective.

4. We make you money.

Our fees are backed up by a confidence that we can help expand and grow your business. Spending hundreds on a copywriter makes no sense at all unless it makes you thousands.

5. We love making winners.

It’s the greatest job ever. Promoting others and seeing them succeed is a great joy. If you win, your customers win and only then do we win. You work hard for others and you need someone working just as hard for you.

So there you go! Contact me soon and let’s get started

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