How do you market yourself? How can you capture more leads and create more “come-back” customers?

After taking 4 courses, reading 30+ books and listening to tons of lectures; I figured it was time to save time for all my entrepreneur friends out there sweat’n it.

So without further ado, let’s get into it….

1.   Decide: Who is your target customer?

I delayed answering this one for some time. Mostly because I was afraid of limiting myself to only one type of person.

Don’t make this mistake!

Even though you think everyone needs what you have to offer and you are eager to offer your services or products to the whole ginormous universe – laser your efforts to your dream client.

Spend some time typing up a “ghost bio”. Who are they? What do they love? Where do they live? Age? Height? Whatever you can come up with. The more the better.

2.   Know: Who you are.

Let’s face the facts – you are likely NOT the only person offering what you are offering. So you have to ask yourself, “Why choose me?”. It’s called your USP (Unique Selling Position). It is what sets you apart from your competitors.

No matter how small or insignificant – list everything that makes you stand out. Try and list 10 and stay away from words like “Better”. Saying you are better is only going to nauseate your audience and make them want to tune out.

Write 3 good headlines about yourself (For more info on writing great headlines read this helpful ebook).

3.   Create Demand

Now that you know who “they” are and you know who “you” are, you can start to gain awareness. Begin to use your blog (and yes you should have one) to giveaway all that you can to educate, engage, and entertain that specific group.

Make sure you give them your best. Hold nothing back. The fear of “If I give away all my tricks they won’t hire me” is a lie. They will. You will earn their trust and gain their attention.

Tip: If you are deciding where to post what, use this simple guide:

LinkedIn – Educate

Facebook – Entertain

Twitter – Engage. 

Also find groups on these platforms or others where you can simply be a voice who speaks into that category, offering advice and feedback to your audience.

4.   Capture Leads

Imagine you are going fishing. You know what you want to catch, so now what tactic is best for that specific fish (worm, topwater, trout line, etc.)?

What can you offer at this stage that they would find valuable?


Video Course

How-To eBook Checklist / Guide Data sheets

White Papers

Free Consultation with a Specialist

Buyers Guide for your Product – you get the idea.

Copywriting is crucial. If you are not a copywriter – hire one! Make sure that what you write is attractive and persuasive with strong calls to action.


5.   Nurture Leads.

A lead has subscribed. They “opted in”. They are following you on social media perhaps. Continue to provide them with engaging & educational content. Keep at it! Set up ways you can converse with them as needed (email, surveys, etc.).

6.   Convert Leads Into Customers.

If you have done steps 1-5 well then all you have to do now is… ASK. Make sure you know what their needs are and offer them only what you think will be the most beneficial for them.

7.   Close, Deliver & Satisfy.

Give em what you promised. Make sure you are specific on deadlines and action steps that they need to receive your services.

8. Referrals & Follow/Up

They hired you! It went well. Job is done.

But you are not.

Make sure and continue the conversation. Be sure and find out what their experience was like and give them ways to tell others about you. When a customer becomes a fan you have scored big! Make sure to optimize their voice.

If it didn’t go well (and yes it happens to us all), their feedback is still valuable. Our critics are also our coaches. Make notes of their experience with you and seek ways you can rectify the problem. Make sure you leave yourself a note of their comments to return to and use as a tool to self-correct or improve your business. 

Back to what I said earlier, if you get frustrated or confused with the zillion+1 tips, articles and books out there telling you how to get more business, just remember…

Marketing is about relationships. Real people. Real lives. Treat people well and it will come back to you.

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