Want to know why no one seems to care about what you just posted? Do you feel like a social media outcast? Are you playing by the rules?

Chances are, you are taking your swing at social media and hoping for a viral knockout. But… you keep swinging at the air. There is a good chance you may not know the rules.

Let’s survey the terrain



Imagine this as a huge backyard BBQ. People are showing off their kids and talking about their new lift kit; chopping it up about how much they hate Hilary. Pretty much anything goes except one thing… business. Shhhhh. Don’t bring that up. Sex, politics and religion are great topics, but please don’t talk about your stock.

On Facebook no one cares. It’s about fun. People get on Facebook to unwind, catch a meme or two and giggle at the random crazy things people just did. On FB, it’s perfectly ok to post a message about how your coffee burnt your lip this morning or how your husband just backed up the toilet again. Random is the rule. The goal is relationships. Remember to keep your pitch in your pocket and don’t be one of those pushy product people (yea, I’m talking about you). But, if you just found a sale somewhere on lipstick, by all means share – so long as it’s not your sale.



The visual version of Facebook. Here you can selfie till the cows come home. People wanna “see” what you are up to, not hear lecture about it. Normal people and celebs showcase there whereabouts, cribs and clothing.

This is a great place for those with visual art or have a business that appeals to the eye. Be careful tho, because business on IG is not easy. Remember, they are not on there to shop, but relax and kill a lunch break. So the goal is to be fun, relaxed and mesmerizing (if possible).



This is more like a huge concert or busy shopping mall where everyone is text-shouting. It’s loud and you can only hear a phrase or two at a time. People don’t post, they pound (###!). Good luck getting heard here. Your tweet will feel like a pebble thrown into the Grand Canyon. Maybe, just maybe, you will get the occasional retweet or reply, but throw out your hopes of being Kim Kardashian (I know, big bummer huh?).

The goal here is pretty much to build smaller networks of followers, make a quick handshake and then bail. The future of this tag line terrain is unknown, but unless you plan on being a bestselling author or celebrity, don’t invest tons of time (JMHO).



The business version of Facebook. Take the Facebook section above and invert it. No one cares about your baby’s new boppy here. This is more like a big library or coffee shop where people slide articles and blogs across the table to each other. It will seem a little stuffy at first, but it’s a great place to connect with people like yourself.

Make sure you don’t make it all about you. Be helpful. Encourage. Keep your “I’m great and I make people jealous” mentality to yourself. If you are quite proud of your expertise, share it with humility. No one likes a jackass. Remember interested people are interesting. I still find it amazing that many of these busy superstars have time to post about anything (maybe they outsource).



Mostly female. At least I have not run into a guy friend yet who said he had one.

Here is where you can build a “Pinboard” of your work. That’s right, online scrapbooking. Decorators and Cooks love this one. People come to get ideas, get inspired and perhaps see new trends.

So my only advice here would be, don’t be lame. Artists are welcome and the stranger, the better.

In whatever Social Media – be yourself. Whatever platform, be authentic. Don’t say things you wouldn’t say or like you wouldn’t say it. Don’t get down about your 2 likes and fall into Post Idolatry. Just be natural and don’t run away and let your work and personality speak for itself.

Oh and lastly and most importantly…

Do what you wish others would do. Want more likes, then give more likes. Want more recommendations, then give more recommendations. Want more shares, then give more shares.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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