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Blah, Blah Blah.

Ever live in an apartment? If you have then you’ve seen that trash can sitting beside the mailboxes. It is filled to overflowing.

With “junk mail”.

People have zero tolerance for junk or spam in their mailbox.

The only mail that seems to get opened nearly 100% of the time are those adorable envelopes with handwritten names and addresses. The more personal, the more we just can’t bring ourselves to chunk it.

We hate solicitors.

The same goes for our inboxes.

Since we can’t write a handwritten email or drop off a gift basket, there are still ways to get people’s attention and gain a hearing for whatever it is we are selling or wanting our customers to receive.

Let’s try something different shall we?

Here are six email subject formulas you can hang onto that can help save you from the virtual trash heap or spam list and even help you have a little fun while you’re at it.


The 6 Email Subject Line Formulas:


1. The A-List

Very common yet very effective.

“6 ways champions…”

“5 habits of a corporate badass”

Not sure if anyone knows why we love lists the way we do but many content marketers believe it is because we know it is usually a quick and easy way to store information.

Made you wanna read this post didn’t it?



2. The Facts

People love facts. Especially the unusual ones.

The idea is to get some strange, but the relevant fact in the subject line that appeals to your audience and gets “the click”.

“Two factory workers laid off after an explosion”

“An ingredient in soap that actually causes paralysis”

You can find loads of these online, just make sure that the weird fact isn’t merely the bait and is actually fact not fiction.

It also needs to be relevant to the industry or market and tie into the overall message. It doesn’t need to be silly or extravagant either – just interesting.


3. The Woe

Find some annoyance that your target is plagued with and get right to the fix.

“Stop your mind from racing and get some sleep”

“Is your website hideous? We can make it gorgeous”

*Remember no one cares about you or your new features or services. They care about themselves. Show them how you can help them be the hero if they just take the time to open and read on.


4. The Stalker

Say hello to someone on the street and they may just walk on by. Ask them a question and they almost always feel compelled to turn around. Ask them something personal and they will stop dead in their tracks.

“What the heck is wrong with your roof?”

“Why do you leave work so fast?”


5. The Gossip

Make them feel like they are getting the inside dope on what no one else knows about.

“My wife told me I could tell you this”

“What major retail chains are nervous you’ll find?”


6. The This & The These

Inspire them to take a peek and see what your email is about. The word “this” & “these”, used the right way, has the ability to do that.

“This is what your office desk has been missing”

“These would look great with your yoga pants!”



Being compelling isn’t trickery. Never trick your audience. Know them well and make sure that whatever subject line you choose, always deliver on the embedded promise that meets their need.

Deep down we all know what emails are going to attempt to do, but the main difference in the successful ones and all the rest is whether they use the same old dry tactics and are even opened at all.

At Digital Skyrocket, although we don’t do email marketing services we do offer consultations regarding them. We can also recommend you to someone who does.