Your website is often your customer’s first impression of your business.

Read that again.

Gone are the days you just throw up a “canned” site just so you can check it off the list.

Websites are able to bring you new customers, IF they are found (SEO) and then once they are – IF they can convert (CRO).

Does your convert? Are you getting calls, emails, and visits simply because they “found your website”?

As web content writers our job is to get them to sign-up or take action as soon as possible. The first page they often see will be your home page. I wanna show you how you can make sure that the home page won’t deflect the visitor but capture them!

Think of your home page (from top to bottom) in this way…

Let’s say that you are at a business convention in Dallas, TX with a lot of new potential customers. You are also in the room with lots of other businesses trying to get their attention. But you are allowed one sentence from the microphone in order to gain awareness.

Home Page Design Dallas TX






What would you say? That’s Step 1.


1. Headline (Irresistible Offer)


Your header is your point of contact. How you and the customer or client identify with each other.

According to the copywriting guru himself, Eugene Schwartz, a headline has one purpose and one purpose only. It isn’t to sell, be cute, be clever, or even be clear. The point of your headline is to get them to read the next line of copy. That’s it. It’s your hook. It captures them.

So let’s say you are a plumber. Would you take your one chance at the mic and simply say, “[Your business name] Plumbers” – and that’s it?

No way!

What would make people in the room stop their conversations and turn around and go “Hmmm? Interesting”. That’s what you want in what’s called the “above the fold” portion. That is your headline.

So what should your headline be?

We suggest that you make it the one thing that you provide for them. A need of theirs that you can meet that they would be crazy to pass up. It’s your offer. An irresistible offer!

You may offer more than one thing but take some time and brainstorm how you can narrow that down to just one simple statement or two. 

It may take some time to come up with what that may be but the time you spend contemplating it is worth it. It is also something that the team at Digital Skyrocket can help you with.

Okay so once you got that, what next?


2. What do you do?/Who Are You (Clarity)


So you got their attention. You set down the mic and someone approaches you.

I like to see this part as your handshake. Sorry, elbow bump since we are social distancing:

Tell them briefly and directly without any inside lingo, who you are, and what you do.

Don’t be cute. Be clear.

Your Home Page will naturally need to link to other pages on your site so here is where you can list your services/specialties or subpages as needed. I’m all about “every page needs to convert” so my advice is to make sure these links are obvious links but don’t make this portion of your page the focus.

(Remember we are working down the page)


3. Why should I care? (Main benefit)


The dry intro. It had to be done. Now they might be thinking about going back to the bar or to get another helping of chips and salsa.

Remember everyone and I mean everyone who visits your site has R.A.D.D. (Reader Attention Deficit Disorder). They lose interest fast and when that happens you lose them. 

Tell them why they should care. It doesn’t have to be clever. Just personal.

Don’t think about trying to speak to every potential customer. Pick one (your target) and speak to him/her directly. 

Tip: A case study in video format works great for this section.


4. Who else cares? (Support)


People rarely want to do anything alone or for the first time. Show them the experiences of others and be sure to make these testimonies as real as possible.

Imagine that same scenario above. You are visiting with this person who wants to know about your business and while you are talking someone interrupts you to tell them, “Listen to this guy. He is the best”. Clinching your teeth, you think to yourself, “Yes! Pure gold”.


5. If I believe you, how will my life improve? (Benefits)


Now you really have their attention.

Here is where you can go layer upon layer with benefits. Be passionate and speak to the heart. PLEASE, don’t use a bunch of jargon no one will understand or blabber on about how great you are.

Speak to their need.

Speak to their interests.

Speak to their problems and how you are going to solve them.


6. Kinda convinced but show me how this works (Technical, Appeal to Logic)


Now you can unleash the pro in you. This is probably the only section of the home page that the actual profession itself should entirely dominate.

Here you can place your credentials, proof, data, additional testimonials from credible sources, etc. Remember to still speak to the customer and tie your information into the benefits you have already promised them.


7. Okay, give me just a little more cause I’m almost there. (Promotion)


Almost home.

Got any specials, discounts, or anything to wash this down with?

Right before someone takes the plunge it’s good to coax them a little with a small offer, rebate or even assurance of some fact or outcome. Anything to ease them toward home base….


8. Okay, I believe you. Now what? (Info + Benefit)


The Call To Action. My favorite part. I have only three rules for any call to action to be as effective as it can be…

#1. Be personable

#2: Invite them to a benefit. Don’t just order them to do a task.

#3. Finish it.

Don’t add new info or direct them somewhere else. Close the deal.

Ok now try it. Your homepage won’t just sit, it will soar.