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Brandon W. Davis
The Copy Rocker

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The Copy Rocker

(Synonyms: Creativity Consultant, Group Galvanizer, Publicizing Provacateur)

Definition: A former Pastor/Church Planter. A Bibliophile, Musician, Entrepeneur and Writing Enthusiast who helps others excel with authoritative and winsome communication and content strategy


Definition: “A poision gas. Brings tears to the eyes, unhinges the nervous system and knocks you out” (George Lois)

Live In Dallas, TX?

Fort Worth, TX?

I know you didn’t click on “About” to find out my favorite color. You need help and you wonder if I am a good fit for you, right?

Well let me ask you a few questions and let’s see if I can strike a chord. 

What is your “One Thing”?

What (about your company) gets you out of bed and mobilizes your everyday? Why did you start your business in the first place? Have you gotten so caught up in the “How” and the “What” of your business, you have forgotten “Why”? People are drawn to the “Why”. I can help you recover this life-giving element and communicate it with passion. 


How do people see you?

There is a saying that “Time in, erodes awareness of”. It means you may need a fresh perspective. A new pair of eyes on your products or services because you have been staring at them for so long, you can no longer see yourself as you really are. When we know how others see you, we can communicate with them much more effectively. 


Are you connecting?

Do you know who your target group is and are you close? Do they get you? Are they (excuse the wording here) “intimate” with your company? Never let anyone fool you, business is all about relationships. Relationships that don’t communicate will fail or may never begin. I can communicate for you and help you create bonds that deliver.   


Do you know what people want?

People honestly don’t care about your dreams and goals. They do care about their own. What do they love? What are some of the key “desires” that, when tapped, create the sell? I study people. This is what I do. 

“Persuasive copywriting impacts both the heart and the head. Many practitioners of the craft are good at one or the other. As a former pastor, Brandon understands the human heart and mind on a deeper level than the majority of his peers. What’s more, he has extensive experience touching hearts and shaping minds — face to face, from the pulpit and with the written word.
Brandon has transferred that knowledge and experience into effective copywriting skill. I only give referrals to a handful of fellow copywriters; Brandon is one of them. He’s a one-of-a-kind copywriter who should probably charge way more than he does!”

Donnie Bryant

Copywriter | Content Marketing Specialist

Want To See Some Of My Work?

PicMonkey CollageThe “FAM” 

Not quite the look you expected huh? 

Well, hey — I love my tunes and tats, but I love my family more. 

That’s my wife Lacy (a real-life rock’n songwriter). My daughter Selah Rose (grinning her cute little face off). The beauty on the bottom left is my other daughter, Haven Grace. She passed away and went to be with Jesus on January 4th 2012. 

(Anyway, thought you should meet)



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When you do I will answer, not an automated system with that awful background music. If I can’t pick up, I’ll contact you within 24 hours. Not super chatty unless you are. 

Email Me

No forced subscription. I won’t spam you. I’ll reply within 24 hours. We will most likely need to visit over the phone before I start your project, but this is a good way to begin. 

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