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Why Choose “The Copy Rocker” For Your Company Blog?


Anyone can blog, right?




Anyone can blog, but not everyone can blog “right”.


Choosing carefuly crafted headlines, optimizing SEO and getting your readers to not only read but take action – that is what you need and that is what I offer.


5 Reasons Why Blog Writing Can Skyrocket Your Business


1.  Blogging keeps you in the mind of your target audience.

Your customers are swamped every day with demands, products and services. The only way they will ever choose you is if they remember you. The only way they will remember you, is if you are committed to being where they are and saying what they are interested in hearing. 


2.   Blogs are ways to establish online authority. 

How do you know who knows? You Google it. Who will you find? The ones who are making more posts about a given subject and producing the best content. 


3.   Blog writing get you more traffic

Content Marketing is incredibly website-centered. But how do you get more traffic to your website? You develop compellings posts and with the help of social media and email marketing you can get more customers to your landing page and to your call to action. 


4.   Blogs show off your corporate personality

People buy from the people they know and the businesses they like. It’s relational. Blogs give you a way to offer educational, entertaining and engaging content to your audience. It’s impressive and it works!


5.   Blogging increases your search ranking.

Google and Bing prowl through your website on a constant basis. In order for you to rank well, these search engines will want to see that your site has a lot to offer. If not, you get passed over or pushed down in rank. Blog writing helps keep you at the top and competitive in your industry. 


I Like To Keep Things Simple.

50 cents per word.

(1 Stock Photo Per Post Is Included)

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