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Why should YOU hire me?

Because you are tired of marketing.

You don’t have time for it.

You are sick of throwing money into a vortex of nothingness. 

Why should you hire ME?

Because you are tired of the same ole’ average, boring strategies that NEVER work.

You need another way IN and that’s what I offer.

Because I am better than those who cost more and cost less than those who are better. 

Because I have been in your shoes and know how hard it is to gain awareness in the Fort Worth area.

Because I don’t work with just any warm body with cash. I am selective and only accept requests from those I know I can help. 

How can you justify the expense?


I am here to make you money, not take it from you. If you don’t succeed and increase revenue — I lose. 

I loathe losing. 



You need to be heard.

To make people aware.

But how?

My job as a copywriter is to make sure the greater Fort Worth area hears you. That the voice of your business is communicated effectively, clearly and with authority.


Forth Worth began as a western outpost in 1849. Home to soldiers, frontiersmen, and cowboys, it was established as one of eight forts to protect settlers from Indian raids.

The settlement’s advantageous position along the Chisholm Trail in the 1860’s through the 1870s cemented cattle raising as a staple of Fort Worth’s early economy.

Railroads threading through all of Texas in the later 1800s brought prosperity and an increase of transportation to many growing settlements, including Fort Worth. The Texas and Pacific Railway rolled through the swelling settlement in 1876.

Right before the railroad was established, Fort Worth had an awful winter snowstorm that coincided with a rough financial jolt across the nation. These two factors halted the railroad twenty-four miles outside of town, and the hopeful population’s expectations of a growing Fort Worth plummeted. The town went from 3,000 residents to a scraggly crowd of 600.

Legends have been built around this period in Fort Worth’s history. The newspapers, bored in the almost ghost-town, published mock articles about panthers sited lying down in the streets, undisturbed by passersby because there were no passersby.

Whether the stories had a foundation, or there was merely a phantom panther living in the creative pen of the Fort Worth newspapers, the legend stuck. Today, Fort Worth’s public school teams and many of its businesses bear the emblem of a panther lying down as a tribute to ‘Panther City’.

The Civil War came at a bad time for Fort Worth. The railroad was there, but the food and supplies needed to support a town were not. The town’s population dropped to as low as 175. If a panther had been seen in the street, it would have surely been a skinny one.

The streets did not stay quiet for long after the war. Fort Worth recuperated, and the panther emblem became less of a joke and more a symbol of the western spirit of Fort Worth. The city’s museum district grew popular and gained the acclaim it holds today. The Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport opened in 1974.

Today, Fort Worth is one of the most rapidly growing cities in America. It is well known worldwide for its airport and places of commerce. I am proud to support Fort Worth businesses through my services, and I’m ready to help your office represent the rustic pride of the City of Fort Worth.


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