Hello my hungry friends,

I want to tell you a WELL KNOWN SECRET. A place where you can munch on what many Tyler locals consider to be the best Italian food around! You can have it today. This award winning, “Locals Love Us” favorite is a true East Texas addiction. 

But wait, I am getting ahead of myself. I am what you call a food snob. Not just any food snob, but more specifically an Italian food snob. I love it, and in the words of the great food critic Anton Ego, “If I don’t love it, I don’t swallow”. Problem is I’m not about to drive two hours or so to the Big “D”. Scout out and dine in some swanky, stuffy place that has menus with words I can’t pronounce and waiters dressed considerably better than me— sitting in chairs the size of a love seat. So it got me thinking…

What about? Glad you asked. Well Italian food of course, but mainly where I can accessibly get my hands on something that is filled with those palate explosions you dream about as your stomach so typically begins to think way ahead of your brain —while trying to pretend like you’re working (also known as “lunch time”). This little place is one that many already know about in Tyler… it’s called BRUNO’S. It’s a charming yet low scale, locally owned and never-to-be-regretted, little Italy with a southern flare. Open six days a week from 11:00am -9:00pm. 

Never tried it? There might be reason for that. One, you don’t like the Italian genre or two, you have decided to be glutton free – oops, I meant to say “gluten”. More power to you if that is the case. The other may be that this “diamond in the rough” isn’t like other restaurants that are located on the main strip of town and amidst lots of traffic. No, this one-of-a-kind dining experience is off the beaten path — along an ole well-worn trail of the Tylerite. At 1400 S. Vine lies this little gem…

Bruno’s Restaurant was listed #1 “Best in Pizza” and #2 in “Best Food for Carryout” according to “Locals Love Us” (localsloveus.com). They were also shown as a favorite in magazines such as BSCENE and IN.

Here what some locals are saying:

“Appearance of the restaurant was deceiving. Didn’t expect much. Boy was I wrong & pleasantly surprised! Fast & friendly service and amazing food! Portions are huge!! Thumbs up!”

“If you’ve been settling for franchise pizza, your missing the best of Tyler. Bruno’s has a unique pizza, with quality ingredients, and a taste that will leave you planning your next visit.”

“This restaurant consistently puts out a great product. Pizza is our family’s regular order but their lasagna, calzones ( order with ricotta and mozzarella cheese with your choice of 3 pizza toppings) , and their sub sandwiches are all very, very good. No hesitation on recommending a trip to Bruno’s.”

Now if you want plain and predictable and eh… just ok, then this isn’t for you. I’m talking about the kind of homemade dishes that sing soprano and will make your taste buds do the Tarantella. One wonders why it isn’t the menu choice of everyone – multiple times a week! 

Do you want lasagna? Layers of cheese so thick that it might bend your fork. A salty and mouthwatering flavor that will make you forget your momma! 

How about meatballs? These are not just any meatballs — but the Godfather of all meatballs. These babies have seasonings that will make you hum Sinatra.    

Did you say pizza??? Well let me tell you that if you prefer the small portions and tiny toppings then skip this one. Bruno’s doesn’t rob the crust by teasing you with bare minimums. No, these pies are colossal and atop a modest but delectable freshly made foundation is a zesty dress of non-chunky marinara sauce and pounds of beef, veggies, pepperoni, bacon or whatever else you wanna sink your teeth into. 

FROM SCRATCH – Bruno’s features the freshest creations, from homemade Italian sauces, to made to order sandwiches and pizza using fresh bread that’s also made right in our kitchen from start to finish.

You know you can’t resist! And the truth is you don’t have to. You can zip on over and order in and dine or drive up to their convenient pick-up window in your pajamas (modestly of course). Call your order in at 903-595-1676 and they will have it ready quick and fresh waiting for you. 

Make BRUNO’S ON VINE your belly’ s delight today and if you are a resident of the Flint or Gresham area their new location is exquisite and suited to seat more and extends the joy of the original. Schedule a large party or book for catering at your next event.  

Now quit reading and go grubbing and you can thank me later.