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How Does A “No Mosquito Summer” Sound? 


Did you know you live in one of the most infested areas in the country for these annoying, disease-carrying little vampires? 

People say things like “Get rid of standing water”. 

What if you have a pool or a fountain? 

Or maybe, 

“Get a bunch of fans for the backyard”. 

You don’t have to change your life for these pests! 

Their time is up. 

The well-known and Tyler-loved Davis Exterminating is now offering mosquito services to the residents of the East Texas area. You have trusted them for years with getting rid of termites, now trust them to remove their more sinister, party-crashing, cousins – the mosquito.

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Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Show them this letter and receive an extra 10% off the service price. 

Contact Davis Exterminating today for a FREE estimate. 

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We are expecting to be booked up pretty fast so don’t delay. 

Eggs are being laid even as we speak. They are getting ready to invade. Don’t let another summer get hijacked. 


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March 27, 2016