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My Wife Told Me I Could Share This With You


This email is about your website. Really… it’s about all the money you’re losing. Before we go there, let me tell you a very short story…

It was a typical Saturday evening. My wife and I decided to go out to eat.

Most of the time we can’t decide where to go. I am pretty decisive – my wife is not. “Whatever you wanna do” began to be pitched back and forth between us with no end in sight.

Been there? Feel my pain?

We chose a little place we’ve been to multiple times but with one major difference.

The decor was different.

The place was all moved around funny. They even ditched the candles. And wouldn’t you know it – my wife didn’t “like” what she ordered.

Did it matter she had had that same plate before? Nope. Did it matter we had been there tons of times? Not at all. The surroundings and the design of the place made her taste buds jump the track.

Just a simple reminder of what I have learned and I have seen with so many businesses

Aesthetics Matter! – In Websites It Matters even more

  • You got a great product, but no one wants to “taste” it.
  • Bounce rates are so high your site might as well be made of rubber (meaning people come but quickly leave).
  • You’ve been trying to figure out why??

Is your website ugly, outdated or confusing? Be honest, because that reality is costing you much more than building a brand new one.

SEO Skyrocket specializes in website start-ups, makeovers and do-overs – even for the ugliest, most outdated and outright dysfunctional websites there are. 

We don’t just make your site look good on your desktop or laptop, but on ALL devices – mobile most importantly.

Brilliant color scheme, fonts, high-resolution images, user-friendly sitemap – things you may have not even knew you needed – we can handle it.

And don’t let our name fool you. We are SEO strategists with a proven and reputable track record of getting our clients ranked very high with Google…


We also employ highly qualified copywriters and designers who can ensure that your content will not only be discovered but be compelling and attractive.

So take a second and look at our website. Browse around and see our work. Let us know if you need our help.

Contact us today and let our company start skyrocketing yours.

P.S. Most web-building companies retain control over your site and prohibit you from making adjustments and giving you the runaround. With us, when we hand you back the keys, it’s 100% yours. Your investment. Your property. Your new online headquarters.

Ready when you are.

T minus 10, 9, 8….


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October 2, 2016