Content Marketing For Dallas TX Businesses

Your ticket to record sales and a competitive advantage



The thing the companies that you have HEARD OF are doing.

Your website not making the phone ring?

Tired of spending a ton on Ads?

You know you need to do more to market your business, but don’t know where to begin.

Bring me your questions and frustrations and let me take it from there.

I’ll help you build a strategy and that will serenade your customers. I’ll craft the kind of content that will compel them to do business with you.


Content Strategy

It begins with lots of research. I will study your target customer/client and learn about their desires and needs.

Then I will get to work, coming up with a plan for you to connect with them where they are.

We will build your reputation one quality lead at a time. 

Content Writing

I’ll help you find your company voice and clarify your company message.

I’ll help you understand and establish your “Unique Selling Position”.

Then I’ll begin generating the kind of content (whether for your website, blog, articles, etc.) that gains an audience and ends with a standing ovation.

“I only give referrals to a handful of fellow content writers; Brandon is one of them. He’s a one-of-a-kind content marketer who should probably charge way more than he does!”

Donnie Bryant
Copywriter | Content Marketing Specialist

Why should YOU hire me?

Because you are tired of marketing.

You don’t have time for it.

You are sick of throwing money into a vortex of nothingness.

You have met those who have made big promises and not delivered.

You are eager to give your company the digital presence it deserves.

You want to pick up the phone and get a person, not a machine or more “higher than normal” hold times and that crappy music in the background. 

Why should you hire ME?

Because you are tired of the same ole’ average, boring strategies that marketing agencies throw at you.

You need another way in and that’s what I offer.

Because I am better than those who cost more and cost less than those who are better. 

Because I have been in your shoes. 

I don’t work with just any warm body with cash. I am selective and only accept requests from those I know I can help. 






my work



How much do you charge for content marketing services?

The price does vary from client to client. It depends on what your specific needs are and the nature of the project. The good news is I keep my overhead low so I am always prepared to offer extremely competitive rates.

Are you located in the Dallas, TX area?

Yep, I’m a local. 

I am currently officing in the Allen, TX area and can commute to anywhere in the DFW metroplex for a consultation or just to meet up and eat tacos. My treat!


Still Looking?

If you are all the way down here, then you are either really thorough, bored or need some basic info. So, I left some for ya.

Contact Info

921 Garden Park Dr. #249, Allen,TX 75013

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