We are living in volatile times. Dallas business owners may face loan delays in the wake of a possible government shutdown and yet nearly half of small business owners have less than 3-months of cash savings to get them by in an emergency. Dallas business owners need a way to bring in more revenue, and a high performing website may be the answer.

Having a high-performing website is crucial for businesses of all sizes today. Websites essentially give your audience and clients a place to call home: this is where they will be able to get updates about your business, purchase items, schedule appointments, view your services, and more – all in one place.

 You might be thinking, “Isn’t that what social media is for?”

 While social media is excellent for connecting with your audience, a website gives your business that extra dash of credibility and allows you to provide things that social media platforms cannot.

 Besides that, a high-performing website will rank higher on Google, grab and keep visitor attention, and convert leads into sales! That’s what you really want as a Dallas business owner, right?

 So, you need a Dallas web designer who knows the ropes. Someone who is an expert in design, imagery, search engine optimization (SEO), and copywriting. Something truly beautiful happens when all those elements come together to create an awesome website.


Why Are Websites Important for Dallas Businesses?


We’d all like to say that we don’t judge books by their cover, but let’s be honest. Most of the time, if we don’t like what we’re seeing right off the bat, that tells us we’re not going to like what we find if we keep going.

 In previous years, a business’ first impression was determined by their storefront – their sign, window displays, color scheme, cleanliness, and accessibility. As the internet has grown to be a place where businesses can thrive without a physical location, websites became the key to first impressions.

 Websites are the new storefronts. Perfecting their look and functionality is key to succeeding in business today. If people like what they see as soon as they type your SEO domain name into the search bar and hit enter, they’re more likely to spend time and money visiting your website again and again.


What is a High-Performing Website, Anyway?


In order for us to call a website ‘high-performing,’ it must deliver meaningful and measurable results. The best Dallas web designers know this is the entire point of having a website and will build something according to your specific goals.

 The thing that really sets high-performing websites apart from a regular ‘ol website is the fact that they are lead generators and money-making machines. It’s likely that you will pay a pretty penny for a Dallas web designer to create your website (typically between $2,000-$5,000, depending on the size of your site and the designer’s rate), but – if they do their job correctly – your website will generate significantly more revenue than it cost to build and maintain.

 Here’s a run-down of exactly what makes a high-performance website:


It gives visitors what they are looking for.

High performing websites are built with strategy. They are specifically designed to answer any questions a visitor might have and provide a clear path to the next step, whatever that may be. For example, if you are an e-commerce site, the next step would be to check out your product collections.

 Some of the information high-performing Dallas websites will offer include:

  • Testimonials
  • What makes your business better than the rest
  • Your value proposition
  • Irresistible offers at every stage of the buying journey (sign up to receive text alerts in exchange for a coupon, purchase X more to qualify for free shipping, etc.)


It supports your customers’ journey through the buying process.


All potential buyers go through a buying process. Some buying processes only take a few minutes while others could take months or years. It all depends on your industry, how complex your products/services are, and your price point.

 A Dallas web designer will help you create special offers at every stage of the buying journey, enticing prospects to continue making the next step. Then, they will have ways of automatically following up with the prospect once they leave your website.

 The key is keeping your visitors engaged – even after they leave your website – and giving them a clear path to the answers they’re looking for. Some prospects want to have a conversation about your products or services right away so they can get their more pressing questions answered. They’ll head to your website and immediately look for the Contact Us tab, which should be easy to find and have multiple options for contact (phone, email, address).


It’s FAST – on ALL devices.


No one likes sitting around waiting for a website to load, especially when you’re trying to view it on the go. It’s great to have a website that converts well to mobile, but it’s even better to have a website that moves at lightning speed.

 Fast websites don’t just make the user experience better. They actually rank higher on Google, too. So, when you hire a professional Dallas web designer to create a fast, high-performing website, you’re doing your audience and your business a huge favor!