Brandon W Davis

“The Copy Rocker” 

Copywriter | Content Strategist For

The Start-Up or Start-Over Business 

Helping new or declining businesses increase revenue, attract more followers and receive more recognition.

I’m very happy to share that the reviewer chose not to offer any notes because they said it was “excellent” and you scored the highest score possible. Awesome job!

Copyblogger Certification Team

Let’s Set The Stage Shall We?

Copy Rocker You love what you do, but hate not knowing how to share it. 

You have an idea, but have no idea how to express it.  

You want the world to see what you have to offer, but can’t seem to get even your neighbor to take notice.

The struggle is real, but you have come to the right place. 

I am your story-weaving, deadline-meeting, content-creating workhorse who is…

  • For the Entrepreneur, ready to tell the world he has arrived. 
  • For the Business Owner, who wants to announce, that her mundane company is now magnificent again.
  • For the “Out-of-tune, the “One-hit-wonder”, or the “Oldie-but-goodie” Service Provider who needs Top-10 revenue. 

For those about to rock… I salute you.

Doesn’t matter what your company style (Classical to Contemporary) — I am here to help you shine. I won’t be happy until we both hear the thunderous applause and you receive a well-deserved ENCORE

“I said to myself, ‘If he can captivate me, a guy who by nature of his work is bombarded with great copywriting and is himself responsible to create great copy, what effect would Brandon’s writing have on my clients, and more importantly, my clients’ clients?’ ” 

Chad Barnes

President , SEO Skyrocket

And Who Am I?

A musician, yes. A rockstar, no — I wish.

(Big crowds sometimes make me nervous, but shhh — we’ll keep that a secret)

My name is Brandon. I am a husband, father of four (3 in heaven), copywriter and book fanatic.   IMG_2109

I can’t always carry a tune or play “Eruption” on the guitar, but what I can do is write “melodic and moving” copy.

As a copywriter, I love to share people’s passions, their desires — their message.

If you want to say it, I can serenade it. Together we will sell it.

I am your Content Specialist, but think of me as your Sound Man, Producer, Studio Engineer & Voice Coach. I am here to help you go platinum!

“He made me want to schedule an appointment with my own practice!”

Jennifer Wood

Owner, Wood Christian Counseling

How Will We Get The Word Out?

Brandon is a master craftsman in his use of right words in right places. He has an outstanding ability to explain concepts and principles in simple, passionate, practical language which inspires and motivates. Winged words fly from his lips straight to the hearts and minds of not just active hearers and readers but even casual passers-by.

Jeff Howie

Crossroads Training Director, YWAM Tyler


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